BANAD Festival postponed

Dear visitors,

It is with a heavy heart that the Explore.Brussels team and I must announce that we have taken the decision to postpone the BANAD Festival which was due to take place from 13 to 28 March 2021, to 22 May to 6 June.

We made this difficult decision for the following reasons:
- We received very late notification that the new public health regulations restrict the number of people in a guided tour group to three, as opposed to our usual 25. This severely limits the number of places available to book;
- Under the new public health regulations, all restaurants and cafés must remain closed, which would prevent participants in the festival from having lunch or a coffee between their guided tours of interiors;
- The closure of the Belgian borders to leisure travellers means that nobody from outside Belgium is able to travel to Brussels for the festival. Although this regulation is due to be reviewed in early March, it is likely to be extended. Roughly half of all the participants in the festival live in other countries;
- Several buildings that were due to allow interior tours are no longer able to welcome visitors and several of the planned festival events can no longer take place under the current public health regulations.

We are aware that this is bad news for our guides, partners, students and the BANAD Festival team, who now have to wait even longer before they can start work again, and, of course it is bad news for you, our participants, whom we have to ask to be patient for a few more months before you will be able to participate in this enjoyable event.

Together, let's continue to bring the heritage of Brussels to life!

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Julien Staszewski,
Director of Explore.Brussels asbl

BANAD 2021: More details on the postponement

We will attempt to postpone the entire festival programme 22 May to 6 June. Ideally, the programme planned for 14 March will move to 22 May, and that of 15 March to 23 May and so on. We will need to ask the building owners and our event partners to agree to the new dates, and we will also need to ensure that the guides who have been specially trained to lead the guided tours, are available on the new dates.
You can follow developments in these processes for each guided tour and activity on the BANAD Festival website. If you see a date in March replaced by a date in May/June, this means that the postponement has been agreed. If you see a date in March, it means we are still in discussion about that guided tour or event.

Booking for the postponed festival will open on Wednesday 21 April at 2pm. For those of you who have vouchers and access codes: the procedure and access codes will remain the same to those that have been recently sent to you by email.

For those of you who have booked packages: we will attempt to maintain exactly the same programme on the postponed dates, and we will update you by email.

Booking for groups can still be made for the period 22 May to 6 June.

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