Concert Impressions de Pelléas at Flagey

Saturday 10th March at 7pm

 Marius Constant, après Pelléas et Mélisande de Claude Debussy et Maurice Maeterlinck

Follow a guided tour around the iconic Flagey building before enjoying a concert (in French or Dutch). Feel free to call Pelléas et Mélisande the concert with the 'Belgian all stars'. A number of the best singers and musicians from our country take to the stage with Pierre-Yves Pruvot to perform Debussy's magical and poetic opera. Debussy has created a new kind of musical drama with Pelléas. The text, by the Belgian Nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is incorporated word for word. The play is a high point in symbolism and explores psychology, humankind's deepest nature and feelings. Much of the appeal of the piece—it has been set to music a total of five times—hides in the shroud of mystery that envelops the characters and their mutual intrigues. That Debussy's version is the most popular has everything to do with the composer being able to perfectly translate the sultry, mysterious atmosphere of the story into a magnificent interplay between sound and colour.

La visite du bâtiment INR Flagey qui précède est gratuite mais nécessite de s'inscrire (nombre de places limité)

Price: 31€/26€/21€ (except pass) 

NIR Flagey - Place Saint-Croix - 1050 Brussels

Concert Classical Music Awards at Flagey

Wednesday 14th March at 7pm

Oxalys / The Klara 

Follow a guided tour around the iconic Flagey building before enjoying a concert. The Klaras, the prestigious Belgian Music Awards for the best classical music artists from both Belgium and abroad, will behanded out during the Klarafestival for the first time and there will be many stars from the classical music scene in attendance. The musical programme for this glorious evening is provided by the illustrious Oxalys, who coincidentally are celebrating their 25th anniversary. The ensemble will treat you to a number of refined, vivacious and imaginative pieces. They are a perfect illustration of Oxalys's identity and reputation as one of the best chamber music ensembles in the country. And just to add some more lustre to the party, we have also invited the Dutch mezzo-soprano Christianne Stotijn and actor Stefaan Degand, two of Oxalys's loyal compagnons de route.

​La visite du bâtiment INR Flagey qui précède est gratuite mais nécessite de s'inscrire (nombre de places limité).

Prix : gratuit
INR Flagey - Place Sainte-Croix - 1050 Bruxelles

Guided tour and concert at the Hemelsoet house

Saturday 24 March at 6.30pm

Enjoy a guided tour of the former home of the architect François Hemelsoet, followed by a concert. Built in 1902, this eclectic-style house contains many resolutely Art Nouveau decorative features.
The guided tour of the house will be followed by a concert. Accompanied on the guitar by Laurent Stelleman, Marie-Laure Béraud will sing a selection of songs, some happy, some sad, some in French and some in English, including slow ballads, bizarre tangos, rock, cabaret and pop. The songs cover the themes of self-deprecation, distance and humour, while others restore the balance with more lucidity or even cruelty.

Price: €10/person (not included in Passes)
Duration: Guided tour: 30 minutes, followed by Concert: 40 minutes
Avenue Princesse Élisabeth 22 - 1030 Brussels

Noh-Bach at the Solvay Library

Saturday 24th March at 8pm

As part of this second collaboration, the ARTONOV festival proposes, for the ARTONOV Spring Series at the BANAD Festival, a performance which echoes the link between Japonisme and Art Nouveau.
In the last 25 years of the nineteenth century, the Ukiyo-e Japanese art movement became a new source of inspiration for European Impressionist and then Art Nouveau painters. In a series of articles published in 1872 in the Renaissance littéraire et artistique magazine, the collector Philippe Burty gave this revolution a name: "Japonisme".

This concert and performance will bring together The Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach and Japanese Noh theatre. It is structured as a day of Noh broken down into spiritual apparitions and offers the audience a rare opportunity to discover a great variety and to penetrate intimacy. Four masks, two men and two women, all worn by the same actor, are changed in full sight. Moments of choreography without a mask, with or without a fan, or with swords will help the audience understand the unity of the Noh characters and to admire their power and elegance. The almost complete absence of costumes, reduced to the bare minimum, will allow the audience to experience the subtleties of complex body movements that are usually hidden.
The performance will also offer music-lovers the pleasure of hearing again the Preludes and Fugues from the second book of The Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach, against the new background of this bringing-together, which reveals their theatrical and emotional power, that often remains unnoticed.

Masato Matsuura is a very original artist, whose indefatigable research and performances are deeply rooted in the origins of Japanese traditions.
For many years, he has devoted himself to exploring the aesthetic, philosophical, practical and operational origins of Noh theatre, in an attempt to rediscover its pure and intense original forms. He has worked on this in the same way as Western musicians who play ancient music. The origins of Noh theatre are rooted in traditional martial arts, including swordplay. Masato Matsuura loves to point out the similarities of swordplay and Noh theatre dancing by performing them together, so that the Noh and the sword can speak to, answer and inspire each other.
A direct disciple of Tetsunoyo Kanze VIII, the Japanese national treasure, to whom he was an uchi-deshi (live-in student), Masato Matsuura expanded his training by exploring ancient martial arts (Daito-Ryu, Aiki-jujistu, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, etc.) as well as studying contemporary theatre and Japanese Classical theatre.
He moved to Paris in 2006, and set up his own martial arts and Noh theatre academies, called the Two Spirals Dojo, in Paris and Brussels, where he regularly gives classes. He has been invited to lead training courses in many countries (including France, Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Italy, Bosnia, Romania and Poland).

Frédérick Haas has had a passionate enthusiasm for the harpsichord since childhood. He started to play it aged 12, after initial studies in Classical piano, and took lessons from several teachers. He was awarded diplomas by the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and also a Bachelor's degree in Musicology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. His continues to attend master classes, where he receives advice from many master-players, and he also studies organ with André Isoir.
He is a frequent visitor to the workshops of harpsichord makers, to gain an in-depth knowledge of the instrument and to exploit all its sound potential through his knowledge of its tuning and settings. He began playing some of the best surviving period instruments very early in his career, which has enabled him to develop a very rich sound and to make a major contribution to the rediscovery of the harpsichord's expressive possibilities. He continues to feed his understanding of styles and their contemporary meanings through intensive research into the time-signatures, sounds, rhetoric, choreography, gestures, composition techniques, expression and performance of ancient music.
In 1997, Frédérick Haas was appointed Professor of harpsichord at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He gives regular master classes there, and also in Germany, the UK, Belgium, Romania and Japan. In 2010, he was a member of the jury for the Bruges Musica Antiqua International Harpsichord Competition. He currently looks after a Henri Hemsch harpsichord of 1751 and a fortepiano made by Ferdinand Hofmann in Vienna between 1785 and 1790.

Price : 18€ pre sale or 20€ (hors pass)
19h15 : guided tour
20h : spectacle (duration 1h30)
Solvay Librairy - Parc Léopold - Rue Belliard 137 - 1000 Brussels

Organised by l'asbl ARTONOV: serie "spring ARTONOV" at BANAD Festival

With the support of Edificio 

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405 Avenue Brugmann
1180 Brussels

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