Others 2024

Practical Information

Dates : 09/03/2024, 16/03/2024 and 23/03/2024

Time : 18:00

Starting point : To the right of the Bourse stairs, place de la Bourse - 1000 Brussels

Duration : 2h30 à 3h

Price : 25€/pp with 2 drinks included

Degustation tour : Taverns that tell of the splendour of Art Nouveau and Art Deco

Organised by Brussels Chatterguides.

The pre war Brussels pubs offer a wide variety of atmospheres and some of them have kept their Art Nouveau or Art Deco decoration. The stained glass windows, elegant curved woodwork, precious fabrics, mirrors and shining counters are still witnesses of the Belle Epoque, the Roaring Twenties & Jazzy Thirties. They also tell about the evolution of the trends and tastes: from the well-lit, big & noisy brasseries of the turn of the century to the more discreet, cosy and intimate bars of the interwar period.