"Packages" are pre-established programs grouping several visits at predetermined times. With these, no need to establish your program, we select it for you.

For this fourth edition, two types of packages will be available:

 The "Discovery" packages include a one or two-day program bringing together the masterpieces and essential elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Perfect for a first approach, they are on sale from 18/11/2019.

  The "Expert" packages are aimed at people already familiar with these two architectural styles and who wish to discover the novelties of this edition or less known places. They are on sale from 18/12/2019.

"Expert" packages

"Panorama" 14 & 15/03/2020 - 45€ - Sold out

The "Panorama" Expert Pack gives you the opportunity to explore several buildings open for the first time in this year's BANAD Festival. For example, the Villa Beau-Site, a superb home on the edge of the Forest Park; the Ramaekers building, an eight-storey Art Deco corner block of flats; and the house and studio of the painter Georges Lemmers (which was open in 2011). Other surprises await you! Admire the genius of Victor Horta at the Winssinger house, the panorama from the tower of St Augustine's church and the Haerens house, Antoine Courtens' masterpiece.

Saturday 14/03/2020

11:00 Old house & workshop of Georges Lemmers, rue de la Réforme 74, 1050 Brussels

12:20 Villa Beau Site, Avenue du Mont-Kemmel 5, 1190, Brussels

16:00 Winssinger house, Rue de l'Hotel des Monnaies 66, 1060, Brussels

Sunday 15/03/2020

10:00 Haerens house, Avenue Brugmann 384, 1180, Brussels

14:00 Raemakers building, Avenue Molière 208-210, 1050, Brussels

17:00 Saint-Augustin Church, Place de l'Altitude Cent, 1190, Brussels

"Workshop" 21 & 22/03/2020 - 45€

The "Workshop" Expert Pack focuses on workshops, shops and houses in north and central Brussels. The star of the show is the Tassel house, the first Art Nouveau building by Victor Horta in Brussels. There is also the Wolfers shop, another of Horta's creations, and the former Blum workshops, a new must-see building open this weekend. Finally, there are the charming Draps house, the De Brouckère house with its dressed stone façade and the L'Espérance tavern, where you can quench your thirst.

Saturday 21/03/2020

11:30 former Wolfers shop, rue d'Arenberg 11/13, 1000, Brussels

15:00 Tassel house, rue Paul Emile Janson 6, 1000, Brussels

16:20 De Brouckère house, rue Jacques Jordaens 34, 1000, Brussels

Sunday 22/03/2020

12:00 Draps house, avenue Prudent Bols 47, 1020, Brussels

16:00 Taverne l'Espérance, rue du Finistère 1-3, 1000, Brussels

17:20 Old "Etablissements" Blum, rue des Commerçants 67, 1000, Brussels

"Saturday's Tiny House" 28/03/2020 - 30€ - Sold out

The "Saturday's Tiny House " Expert Pack is your passport to the intimate interiors of small houses in Schaerbeek and the Squares District. Explore the Devalck house, an Art Nouveau gem, the Langbehn house, now used for arts education and the Ajoux house, built on a circular plan.

Saturday 28/03/2020

10:30 Langbehn house, Rue Renkin 90-92, 1030, Brussels

14:40 Devalck house, Rue André Vanhasselt, 32, 1030, Brussels

17:20 Ajoux house, Avenue des Jacinthes 19, 1030, Brussels

"Sunday's Tiny House" 29/03/2020 - 30€

The "Sunday's Tiny House " Expert Pack is your passport to the intimate interiors of small houses in Schaerbeek and the Squares District. You can visit the former home of the genius architect and inventor Gustave Strauven, Edmond Van Eetvelde's business office and the Govaerts house.

Sunday 29/03/2020

10:40 Strauven house, Rue Luther 4, 1000, Brussels

12:20 Govaerts house, Rue de Liedekerke 112, 1210, Brussels

17:30 van Eetvelde office, Avenue Palmerston 2, 1000, Brussels

"Discovery" packages

"Origins" 14 & 15/03/2020 - €50 - Sold out

The ”Origins” Discovery Pack gives you the opportunity to tour three exceptionally well-preserved Art Nouveau mansions in Brussels. Victor Horta’s Tassel house, the “manifesto building” for the Art Nouveau style, the Ciamberlani house by Paul Hankar with its sublime sgraffiti and finally the Hannon house by Jules Brunfaut with its exceptional interior. You can also explore three Art Deco buildings: the luxurious Villa Empain by Michel Polak, the INR Flagey (former broadcasting centre) and the Palais de la Folle Chanson, an apartment building which combines luxury with modern conveniences, rivalling the best of the grand hotels of the period.

Saturday 14/03/2020

11:30 Hannon house, Avenue de la Jonction 2, 1060, Brussels

15:00 Ciamberlani house, Rue Defacqz 48, 1050, Bruxelles

17:00 Tassel house, Rue Paul Emile Janson 6 , 1000, Brussels

Sunday 15/03/2020

12:30 Villa Empain, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67, 1050, Brussels

16:00 INR, Place Sainte Croix, 1050, Brussels

17:20 Palais de la Folle Chanson, Boulevard Général Jacques 2, 1050, Brussels

"Prestige" 21 & 22/03/2020 - €75 - Sold out

The “Prestige” Discovery Pack allows you to visit, on Sunday, three masterpieces of Brussels Art Nouveau architecture: the Solvay and Max Hallet houses by Victor Horta and the Otlet house by Octave Van Rysselberghe. Saturday is devoted to Art Deco and begins with a tour of the Palais des Beaux-Arts, a huge building, covering more than a hectare on the ground, the jewel in the crown of Victor Horta’s Art Deco period, plus two gems in northern Brussels: the charming Draps house and the Basilica church of the Sacred Heart at Koekelberg, the fifth-largest Roman Catholic church in the world.

Saturday 21/03/2020

11:00 National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Parvis de la Basilique 1, 1083, Brussels

15:00 Centre for Fine Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000, Brussels

17:00 Draps house, Avenue Prudent Bols 47, 1020, Brussels

Sunday 22/03/2020

10:00 Solvay house, Avenue Louise 224, 1000, Brussels

14:00 Max Hallet house, Avenue Louise 346, 1000, Brussels

16:00 Otlet house, Rue de Florence 13, 1050, Brussels 

"Mix" 28 & 29/03/2020 - €50 - Sold out 

The “Mix” Discovery Pack includes guided tours of a mix of extraordinary Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. On Saturday, marvel at the meticulous reconstruction of the Wolfers jewellery store, which opened in Brussels in 1912. Then on to the Quakers’ meeting house in the sumptuous surroundings of the Squares district. Finally, the British International School of Brussels, which occupies an Art Deco mansion. On Sunday, explore the hidden architectural gems of the Diamant district: the superb Art Nouveau School No. 13 and Herrero house, then the Clockarium, a collection of clocks housed in an Art Deco building

Saturday 28/03/2020

11:00 Quaker House, Square Ambiorix 50, 1000, Brussels

15:00 Jewellery Wolfers, Parc du cinquantenaire 10, 1000, Brussels

16:20 British School, avenue Emile Max 163, 1030, Brussels

Sunday 29/03/2020

11:00 School n°13, avenue de Roodebeek 103, 1030, Brussels

14:20 Clockarium, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 163, 1030, Brussels

16:00 Herrero house, Avenue de l'Opale 11, 1030, Brussels

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