Exhibition 2023

Practical information Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday : 12pm - 6pm (except public holidays) Price: 7€On presentation of your BANAD ticket :&nb...

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Prices detailed

Number of visits booked Full price*(price per person per visit) Reduced price (-50%)**(price per person per visit) 1 13€ 6.5€ 212€ 6€31...

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Prices for guided tours of interiors The BANAD Festival has a degressive price structure: the more tours you book for the same person per order, ...

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Info & bookings

The Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival is organised by Explore.Brussels and its member associations: ARAU, Arkadia, Brussels Chatter...

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Concept of the BANAD Festival

Event Concept Taking place over three weekends, the BANAD Festival lets you (re)discover remarkable venues which showcase the Art Nouveau and Art Deco...

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Compliance with the GDPR The BANAD Festival website is compliant with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation. Protecting your priva...

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