Prices detailed

Number of visits booked Full price*(price per person per visit) Reduced price (-50%)**(price per person per visit) 1 12€ 6€ 211€ 5,5€31...

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Enjoy the BANAD Festival at home with your children

Johanna Medvey's drawings  This year, we are pleased to share with you the beautiful drawings of the talented Johanna Medvey. She has prepared so...

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Alpha-FLE public 2023

Activities for Alpha-FLE public are only available in French.

Concerts 2023

Concerts are only available in French.

BANAD Festival website under construction

The BANAD Festival website is under construction.In the meantime, you can note the dates of the next edition: from 9 to 24 March 2024.

Getting to Brussels

If you are travelling to Brussels for one of the events organised by Explore.Brussels, here is some information you may find useful when organising yo...

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